11.00pm - 06.00am

Geng Petang CATS now with new and old faces, to make sure the drive from your workplace to your home, much more less irritating, and way more fun!
Al Nazirul still maintains his position as captain of the boat, alongside him his partner in crime, Naz Azahari and of course, the big sister that is ready to juggle her responsibilities to her two younger siblings, Mia Manja!
Starting off the show with “Zone Update”, where the latest news all around the world will be shared on air, whether if it’s local, national or international!
The second hour will be filled with daily topics, “Apa Cita Tek?” where they will read the comments from our listeners on what is the issue of the day.
The third hour is dedicated to our listeners. There’s still a traffic jam from where you are at the moment? Call in into our studio and sing along in “KaroksJeraya”! Doesn’t matter if it’s only a chorus, only a verse or a whole song, the stage is yours!
Last but not least, “Extra Time”, a segment where the trio will talking about the latest news about sports!
Showtimes: Monday – Friday (4PM – 8PM)