06.00am - 10.00am

CATS Drivetime will be a personality and music driven. What will be a great way to entertain you back from work? Good music, good entertainment. The new CATS Drivetime will introduce you to the new way of entertainment.
CATS Drivetime is all about the young music lovers, discussing the hip and happening things; local and international. DJs will be playing the latest music and talk about not only music but events and cool new trends.
CATS Drivetime is all about music and fun with a cool new feature for the audience:
  • Dango Drivetime (Monday-Friday) - Dango Drivetime is all fun and interactive! Drivetime duo will have interactive games with the listeners throughout this 2 hours session. From pantun to bermukun, trivia to karaoke it is all up for the fun during your drive time.
  • CATS Top 10 (Monday-Friday) - CATS English chart, playing you top English music. Listeners will be entertained with all latest info about the songs playing alongside with celebrity/artist info.
  • Trend Nektok (Monday) - Sharing the latest trend happening around local and global. The Drivetime duo will interact with the listeners sharing their info On Air and on Digital.
  • Resipi Pilihan Minggu Tok (Tuesday-Thursday) - This is a new feature for food lovers. Sharing new recipes from our very own chosen cafes.
  • CATS It's A Wrap! (Wednesday) - A special feature happening every Wednesday for all the movie lovers! The announcer will pick the Top 3 movie selection weekly to share with their listeners.
  • Seminit Selera Drivetime (Thursday) - Seminit Selera Drivetime is a digital initiative for the show where on air the announcer will be sharing interesting restaurants and cafes around Sarawak.
  • Whazzupp! (Friday) - This feature is to create a buzz on what’s going on over the weekend and for the whole week. Sharing you the latest event info and the hip and happening around town.
  • Viral Nya Lok! (Friday) - Sharing you the best viral, full of humor for the audience out there. This feature will share the funniest thing happening around locally and globally. From a cute video to the sweetest thing, this feature will surely entertain the audience on air and through the digital platforms.
Den & Wayne showtimes: Monday-Friday | 5pm-9pm