02.00pm - 05.00pm

CATS Drivetime will be a personality and music driven. What will be a great way to entertain you back from work? Good music, good entertainment. The new CATS Drivetime will introduce you to the new way of entertainment.
CATS Drivetime is all about the best music, hip topics local and international, sports updates, top charts and cool new trends. There will be cool new features combined with the old ones as per listed below:
  • SportCheck (Monday) - A new feature on Sport Chart! Drivetime trio will be sharing their weekly sport chart with the listeners on various sports from football to tennis to F1, martial art and more. This is mainly for sport enthusiasts and fans.
  • #trendnektok (Monday) - Sharing the latest trend happening around local and global. The Drivetime duo will interact with the listeners sharing their info On Air and on Digital.
  • Sport Updates (Monday-Friday) - A daily update on sports covering mainly topic and latest updates on Sport games.
  • Pantun Gasak (Monday-Friday) - Pantun Gasak is all fun and interactive! Drivetime trio will have their pantun ready with the listeners throughout this 2 hours session. Listeners will be entertained with much humor from the ‘pantun’ being made by the Drivetime trio and participants.
  • CATS Top 10 (Monday-Friday) - CATS English chart, playing you top English music. Listeners will be entertained with all latest info about the songs playing alongside with celebrity/artist info.
  • Bawang Blender! Kelaka Kita Jak! (Thursday) - A humorous take on everyday issues surrounding the community and how it affects our daily lives. This chit-chat slot will be anchored by our 3 presenters on our prime-time Drivetime show and presented in a light-hearted manner with gossip-like banters. Topics will range from everything under the sun but interspersed with positive messages and advice while communicating the aspirations of the Sarawak people.
  • Whazzupp! (Friday) - This feature is to create a buzz on what’s going on over the weekend and for the whole week. Sharing you the latest event info and the hip and happening around town.
Den, Yasz & Wayne showtimes: Monday-Friday | 5pm-9pm