10.00am - 01.00pm

CATS Drivetime from Monday-Friday, 4pm-8pm! They will entertain you with good music, good entertainment and some good topics to talk about!
  • SportCheck (Monday) - Drivetime duo will be sharing their weekly sport updates with the listeners on various sports from football to tennis to F1, martial art and more. This is mainly for local or international sport enthusiasts and fans.
  • #TikamBelakang (Tuesday) - Sharing on any random things such as a place, object or an event for listeners to reminiscing the related memories and interact with announcers via CATS social media platforms.
  • #Trendnektok (Wednesday) - Sharing the latest trend happening locally and globally. The presenters will interact with the listeners via On Air and digital platforms.
  • Poret Gen Z (Thursday) - Current 'in-things' of various topics from lifestyle, gadgets and viral.
  • Whazzupp! (Friday) - This feature is to create a buzz on what's going on over the weekend and for the whole week. Presenters will have special guest on the 2nd hour and will have another exclusive interview session via IG Live on the same day!