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8th August 1996, CATS Radio - East Malaysia’s first and only private radio station was launched. Wholly owned by Kristal Harta Sdn. Bhd., CATS Radio operates 24 hours from its permanent building located at Jalan Bako, Kuching.

At the helm of the organization is our Chairman - Tan Sri Datuk Amar Hj. Bujang Mohd Nor with the Board of Directors comprising of YB Dato Hjh Hanifah Taib-Alsree, Dato Sri Ali Mahmud and Mr Lim Jit Meng.

Keeping abreast with time, CATS Radio changed its name to ‘CATS FM’ while maintaining its famous tagline ‘Just For You’. This reflects the diversity of its programs that cater to the Sarawak society with its own personal touch.

The station covers the whole state of Sarawak through its transmitters located at strategic locations and can even be heard in certain parts of Labuan, Brunei and Kalimantan.

CATS FM’s first day started with a big bang, notably with the presence of our PM, Dato Sri Dr Mahathir Mohammad who spent almost 2 hours at the station and interviewed ‘live’ on air.

CATS FM is equipped with some of the most advanced equipment in ensuring a smooth broadcast of programs to listeners. The Main Control Room or MCR, which supervises the transmission of programs round the clock, further supports this.

CATS FM is headed by its Managing Director Mohd Iskandar Nawawi and supported by the various departments such as Programme, Marketing, Admin & Finance, Production, Digital and Engineering.

CATS FM programming philosophy, simply stated is “MORE MUSIC LESS TALK”. Programming contents is 70% music 30% talk and listeners are presented with the very best popular music available with current news and interesting information.

CATS FM is known for its casual presentation style with frequent airplay of chart topping hits from different genres. Listeners are presented with numerous interesting programs round the clock.

CATS FM programs reflect a vibrant station for lively Sarawakians from different walks of life and age group, with the ultimate mix of music and info, quality presentation and credible news.

While not compromising its role in providing continuous music and entertainment with sprinkling of info and news, IT ALSO HIGHLIGHTS AND EMPHASIZES ON LOCAL ISSUES. This makes CATS FM a closely local radio station that touches Sarawakians.

CATS FM continues to get as close as possible to its audience, both on air and on the ground. The station also plays it part as a caring corporate citizen by participating in or organizing charity programs, and also organizes visits to welfare homes as part of its annual activities.

Apart from its role as a broadcasting station, CATS FM also embarked on promotional drives and awareness programs, to strengthen its position.

Joint projects are done with recording companies and established companies for promotions and showcases. Worth mentioning were the Nescafe-Antap tours 1997/98, 99 and 2000 plus ‘Konsert Hanya Untukmu...CATS FM 2001’ conducted throughout Sarawak, from Miri to Kuching. These tours brought big names in the local entertainment scene plus promoting CATS FM and its sponsor. The tours were filled with electrifying performances to venue packed audiences.

CATS FM is ready to face the challenges to come, bracing bravely the expectations of its listeners and the people of Sarawak.